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You have already our quality product and you think what you will do with this?

There are many possbilities.You may prepare them on many ways.Mushrooms can be boiled,stewed, fried,grilled or we may prepare from them self-contained dishes or add to other meals like sauces, puddings, pizza’s.From cut or crumbled mushrooms we preapre fillings to pancakes, dumplings or pastry.  

Our culinary propositions :

"Au Gratin" mushrooms

500 g of frozen “Noris” mushrroms, 2 onions, 2 butter spoons, 250 ml of cream, 2 egs, 3 spoons of crumbs , 150 g  parmezan cheese, nutmeg, peper, salt.Mushrooms, whas, dry and cut. Stew with butter and cut onions for 20 minutes.Put to heat-resisting pan and add cream mixed with eggs.Spill with parmezan and crumbs. Bake in oven for 15 minutes in 200°C temperature.

"A la Noris" Aubergine

2 meduim aubergines, 250 g of  "Noris" frozen mushrooms, 2 onions, 2 butter spoons, 3 spoons of crumbs, 100 ml of beshamel sauce, 4 spoons of cheese,  oregano.Washed aubergines cut in halve.Take out flah and try to do not harm skin.Mushrooms and flesh cut into small slices.Stew for 15 minutes on butter.Add prepared ealier from 2 flouvor spoons, one glass of milk, one butter spoon and nutmeg beshamel.Mix with stewed mushrooms and fill aubergine halves.Bake for around an hour , on the end spill with cheese, crumbs and oregano.Serve with white wine and fried bread .

Bon appetit!

We invite you to try out those recipies as well as other mushrooms recipies.