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Flat lay of fresh fruits and vegetables for background, Differe
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Our company Noris has been in the business of processing forest mushrooms and fruits since 1992. The company is also involved in freezing fruits and vegetables. Our plant in Jastrowie is equiped with two IQF tunnels with a freezing capacity of 4000 kg per hour, as well as five static tunnels. Goods are stored in four cold rooms with a capacity of 2400 tons.

In April 2003 we opened a second plant, situated in Rogozno, which has two IQF tunnels with a production capacity of 5000 kg per hour. Four cooling rooms have been adapted for safe keeping of product, totalling 4000 tons. There are three loading bays avaliable with weighing facilities for up to 1500kg.

Thanks to the experience we have gained, the company managed to perfect the processes of sourcing, transporting and storing raw materials. We haved worked out processing methods that guarantee high quality, as well as exceptional and incomparable taste and nutritional value.Those have been reflected by continuous growth of interest in our products, both locally and abroad.

Our products are nowadays exported to many countries around the world. We owe most of our sucess to our highly qualified staff and reliable business partners. We are self- sufficient in sourcing raw materials which are obtained through a well developed network of collection points for wild mushrooms and fruits located throughout the country. We have also 120 hectars of our own farms where we grow soft fruits and vegetables.

We treat each order individually and are always eager to meet a practicular need of our customers. We are open for new ideas, provided that they do not conflict with our past experience.

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